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Southern Methodist University

3140 Dyer St. Suite 314 | Dallas, TX 75205 | 214-768-4400 | ifc@smu.edu | https://www.smu.edu/StudentAffairs/FraternityandSororityLife/InterfraternityCouncil


Please read all instuctions before beginning the recruitment registration process.

Registration Deadline:

The deadline for registration will be January 21st @ 11:59pm. All registration must be completed by this date. NO EXCEPTIONS OR EXTENSIONS.

Registration Fee:

Regular registtration $200


Registration Instructions & Tips:

  • You will need access to a digital picture,creditcard, and your résumé.
  • Please be prepared to fill out your registration all in one sitting.  You will NOT be able to go back and edit your application.
  • Every field must have a response in it in order for your application to be processed.
  • *You will be asked to create a username & log-in that you will use during the recruitment process in January.*
  • Your preferred name is the name that you would like to be called.  It will be the dominant name on your nametag.
  • Please enter your student ID without a dash: 12345678
  • DO NOT enter a P.O. Box # for college address, a physical address is required.
  • High School Information is helpful to the chapters (if your school did not rank please put N/A)
  • Miscellaneous Activities: This step replaces providing a resume, please be as thorough as possible. Include as much information as possible in this section. You may cut and paste text from a Word Document into the boxes.
  • You are required to upload a picture. Any clear picture is allowed.  The chapters will have access to the photo that you upload.
  • You are required to upload a resume. The chapters will have access to the resume that you upload.
  • Read the Disclosure policy carefully.
  • After you finish uploading your resumé, click “Submit Registration Information”
  • You must submit payment on-line at the time of filling out the application.
  • You MUST pay online, but may do so by credit card.
  • There are NO REFUNDS.